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1. Группа существительного может усложняться несколькими способами:

Существительное. + предложный оборот: They expressed dissatisfaction with his work.
Существительное + инфинитивный клоз: You have not kept your promise to write to me more frequently.
Существительное + -ed клоз: Cars parked illegally will be removed.
Существительное + -ing клоз: The people sitting here in the sun are tourists.


2. Существительное + личный придаточный клоз:

That is the man who hit me.
That is the man whom I saw. That is the man who I saw this morning.
That is the man to whom I spoke. That is the man who I gave my tickets to.
That is the man whose car crashed.

3. Если речь о неодушевленных предметах, все похожим образом, но употребляется местоимение which:

There is the car which overtook us five minutes ago. There is the car that overtook us five minutes ago
Where is the book which I bought this morning? Where is the book that I bought this morning?
Is that the address to which you sent the telegram? Is that the address which you sent the telegram to?
He mentioned a book whose title I can't remember now. (He mentioned a book the title of which I can't remember now).

4. Определительные клозы могут быть ограничительными и неограничительными:

Jack's brother who lives in London is an engineer.
Jack's brother, who lives in London, is an engineer.

5. Личные придаточные клозы, определяющие существительные, могут выражать место, время и причину:

I'll never forget the day when Jane first came here.
Can you show me the house where Jack London lived?
That is the reason why so few people come there.

6. Усложнение группы прилагательного:

прилагательное + предложный оборот: Are you afraid of the dog?
прилагательное + Инфинитив: He is quick to understand.
прилагательное + that-клоз: I am glad that you came.
прилагательное + wh-клоз: It was unclear what they would do.
прилагательное + indeed/ enough: that’s clear enough.
more/less + прилагательное + than: It was more comfortable than usual.

7. Усложнение группы наречия:

наречие + indeed и enough: We’ve taken it very seriously indeed. I don’t know Jack well enough.

Разные варианты со сравнительными клозами:

-er … than: Our train left earlier than it should have done.
more … than: Bill speaks Spanish much more fluently than his sister.
less … than: It rains less often here than in some other countries.
as … as: I don’t translate as accurately as a professional.

8. Предложный оборот:

Дополнением предлога может быть:

группа существительного: Who arranged the books on the shelves?
-ing клоз: You can't argue me into going there again.
Wh-клоз: Have you decided about when you’re leaving?
Wh-инфинитив: Have you any problems apart from where to stay?